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Sports Idioms Quiz

Try this multiple-choice quiz to check your understanding of idioms based on sport and sports.

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. Lara is our oldest child, so she will a) race against time b) get a second wind c) call the shots while we are away for the weekend.
2. I will a) go to bat b) go overboard c) get off the hook for Nick if he gets into trouble for leaving early.
3. If you take a short nap after lunch you might a) get a second wind b) hit below the belt c) learn the ropes for this afternoon.
4. I'm sorry we couldn't hire your friend. She is just a) a front runner b) no sweat c) not up to par I'm afraid.
5. If we a) get a head start b) give a fair shake c) make the cut we will beat the morning traffic.
6. We are a) a level playing field b) on target c) across the board to arrive at the airport on time.
7. It will take at least a two-week trial to give Gene a) a fair shake b) down to the wire c) overboard in my opinion.
8. Do you think I'm a) taking a rain check b) skating on thin ice c) under the table by quitting without having a job to go to?
9. The other team will a) win hands down b) be out of their league c) keep their heads above water because all of their players are stronger than us.
10. I've given you Jason's phone number so a) bark up the wrong tree b) get into the full swing c) the ball's in your court from now on.