Sports Idioms Quiz

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests many of the idioms on our Sports Idioms page.

1. The captain isn't playing, so the vice-captain is _______ instead.

racing against time
taking sides
calling the shots
a) racing against time b) taking sides c) calling the shots

2. When Nick gets into trouble, his friends try to

get him off the hook
blow him away
hit him below the belt
a) get him off the hook b) blow him away c) hit him below the belt

3. Ruben looked really tired after six rounds, but then he _______ and won!

got a second wind
threw in the towel
made the cut
a) got a second wind b) threw in the towel c) made the cut

4. I'm sorry we couldn't hire your friend. She just wasn't

off base
under the table
up to par
a) off base b) under the table c) up to par

5. If we leave early and _______ , we'll beat the morning traffic.

get a head start
make the cut
take a rain check
a) get a head start b) make the cut c) take a rain check

6. There are problems in every department, so the changes have to be

a shot in the dark
par for the course
across the board
a) a shot in the dark b) par for the course c) across the board

7. Scores are equal with just two minutes to go! This game's going

up to the plate
down to the wire
a) up to the plate b) down to the wire c) overboard

8. The boss said you're already _______ , so if you're late again she'll probably fire you.

learning the ropes
skating on thin ice
on the home stretch
a) learning the ropes b) skating on thin ice c) on the home stretch

9. The team from Brazil has the best players, so they'll probably

win hands down
be out of their league
hit a snag
a) win hands down b) be out of their league c) hit a snag

10. It's a difficult job, so at first you'll just be

settling a score
learning the ropes
jumping the gun
a) settling a score b) learning the ropes c) jumping the gun

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