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Interjections List

Here is a list of interjections with meanings and example sentences. This list does not include all interjections but it does show the more common ones.

interjection meaning example
ah expressing pleasure Ah, that feels good.
expressing realization Ah, now I understand.
expressing resignation Ah well, it can't be helped.
expressing surprise Ah! I've won!
alas expressing grief or pity Alas, she's dead now.
dear expressing pity Oh dear! Does it hurt?
expressing surprise Dear me! That's a surprise!
eh asking for repetition It's hot today. / Eh? / I said it's hot today.
expressing enquiry What do you think of that, eh?
expressing surprise Eh! Really?
inviting agreement Let's go, eh?
er expressing hesitation Lima is the capital
God expressing anger, surprise, worry [some people may consider this offensive] God, what a negative attitude you have.
hello, hullo expressing greeting Hello John. How are you today?
expressing surprise Hello! My car's gone!
hey calling attention Hey! look at that!
expressing surprise, joy etc Hey! What a good idea!
hi expressing greeting Hi! What's new?
hmm expressing hesitation, doubt or disagreement Hmm. I'm not so sure.
oh, o expressing surprise Oh! You're here!
expressing pain Oh! I've got a toothache.
expressing pleading Oh, please say "yes"!
OK expressing agreement OK. I'll tell her.
ouch expressing pain Ouch! That hurts!
uh expressing hesitation Uh...I don't know the answer to that.
uh-huh expressing agreement Shall we go? / Uh-huh.
um, umm expressing hesitation 85 divided by 5
well expressing surprise Well I never!
introducing a remark Well, what did he say?
wow expressing amazement Wow! What a cool car you've got!
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