Jobs Vocabulary

One meaning of job is a paid position in regular employment. For example, you may have a job as a teacher, or a dentist, or a taxi-driver.

Can you find all the jobs that Jonathan reads about in the video song below? The video has subtitles in English, and the full transcript is under it.


I woke up this morning with tired eyes
And checked the jobs in the classifieds 

There’s a job for a baker, must be good at cakes
And a job for a chef, must grill great steaks

They’re looking for actors who can memorize lines
And looking for miners with no fear of the mines

There’s a job for a carpenter, must be good with your hands
And a job for a sales clerk, must know all the brands

They’re hiring a plumber, must have your own tools
And hiring dentists, requires dental school

They need a hairdresser, must have fashion sense 
A librarian who knows romance AND suspense

They need a pharmacist, must know side effects 
An online journalist who is good with tech

What the heck? 
I started to panic,
Could I be a mechanic?

So I folded up my newspaper, nice 'n' neat
And went back to sleep...