Action Movies Quiz

Tests comprehension and vocabulary from EnglishClub's Action Movies History and Vocabulary page. You can do this quiz online or print it on paper.

1. Action movies are usually

a) funny b) romantic c) exciting

2. Action movies often feature

car racing
gun fights
a) car racing b) gun fights c) dancing

3. Which are in the martial arts sub-genre of action films?

gangster films
spy movies
kung fu films
a) gangster films b) spy movies c) kung fu films

4. In the language of special effects, the letters CGI stand for computer-generated

a) imagery b) imagining c) imaginations

5. Which character is an action movie "superhero"?

James Bond
Doctor Doom
a) James Bond b) Spider-Man c) Doctor Doom

6. In superhero movies, the main conflict is between one or more superheroes and one or more

regular heroes
a) villains b) anti-heroes c) regular heroes

7. The James Bond and Mission Impossible movies are examples of the _______ sub-genre.

crime thriller
spy movie
war movie
a) crime thriller b) spy movie c) war movie

8. In an action movie, the _______ is usually a spectacular battle between the hero and the villain near the end of the movie.

a) stunt b) sequel c) climax

9. A villain who's repeatedly in conflict with the same hero over a series of movies can be called the hero's

a) archenemy b) anti-hero c) supervillain

10. What's the 2008 Batman movie starring Christian Bale called?

Batman & Robin
Batman Begins
The Dark Knight
a) Batman & Robin b) Batman Begins c) The Dark Knight

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