Popular Music Genres Quiz

Tests comprehension and vocabulary on EnglishClub's page about Popular Music Genres. You can do this quiz online or print it on paper.

1. Popular music genres like the blues, jazz and R&B first developed in

South America
the USA
a) Europe b) South America c) the USA

2. The blues and jazz developed when aspects of European and _______ music were combined.

Middle Eastern
a) Asian b) African c) Middle Eastern

3. Jazz musicians can create new music spontaneously while playing. This is called

jazzing up
a) improvising b) harmonizing c) jazzing up

4. Which style of jazz became the most popular form of dance music in the 1940s?

modal jazz
a) swing b) bebop c) modal jazz

5. Rhythm and blues music was mostly played in

bars and clubs
concert halls
a) churches b) bars and clubs c) concert halls

6. Which is a slow romantic song that tells a story?

a hymn
a rock'n'roll song
a ballad
a) a hymn b) a rock'n'roll song c) a ballad

7. Rock'n'roll was very popular among _______ in the 1950s.

classical musicians
jazz lovers
a) classical musicians b) jazz lovers c) teenagers

8. What is a best-selling song called?

a hit
a single
a record
a) a hit b) a single c) a record

9. What do we call an ordered collection of songs released together as a vinyl record or sound file?

a single
an album
a release
a) a single b) an album c) a release

10. Best-selling hits are songs that reach the top of

the charts
the playlist
the mixtape
a) the charts b) the playlist c) the mixtape

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