Uncountable Nouns C-D

C-D definition example sentence
carbon a chemical element that's in all living things (symbol C) Climate change occurs when there's too much carbon in the air.
cardboard very thick paper that's used to make boxes We could get cardboard for our signs by cutting up old boxes.
cash money in the form of notes and coins If you need some cash, go to an ATM machine.
chalk material that's used for writing on blackboards Don't forget to take some chalk to your class.
chaos a situation that's out of control There was chaos after the fire started, with people running in all directions.
cheese a solid dairy food Do you want some extra cheese on your pizza?
chess a popular board game Do you feel like having a game of chess?
childhood the period of life when you're a child For most of my childhood, our family lived in London.
clothing things you wear, like shirts, socks, etc. We were poor, but we always had enough food and clothing.
coal black substance that's dug up and burned My grandmother used to cook on a stove that burned coal.
coffee a drink made with ground, roasted seeds How many cups of coffee do you drink every day?
commerce the buying and selling of goods and services Some historians say commerce began about 10,000 years ago.
compassion strong sympathy for others The Buddha taught us to feel compassion for all living things.
comprehension the ability to understand something Sayoko's comprehension of written English is excellent.
content the material in a file or on a website This website's content is great, and so is the design.
corruption dishonest or illegal activity by public officials All this corruption has made many politicians very rich.
cotton a type of cloth made from plant fibres American farmers used African people as slaves to pick cotton.
courage the ability to act despite danger or fear The protesters showed so much courage, knowing they could be shot at any moment.
currency the type of money used in a country How much local currency will I need to get a taxi from the airport?
damage harm caused to something or someone We couldn't believe how much damage the storm had caused.
dancing bodily movements made to music My legs are sore after so much dancing in the club last night.
danger the possibility of something very bad happening Before the hunter could shoot, the deer sensed the danger and ran off.
data statistical or digital information How much data can your computer's hard drive store?
delight great happiness or pleasure We took great delight in watching our kids act in the play.
dessert sweet food eaten at the end of a meal Would you like some ice cream for dessert?
dignity calm and mature self-respect He accepted his defeat with dignity, and waved to the crowd.
dirt soil, or anything that makes something dirty My brother's face was covered in dirt and his hair was a mess.
distribution a system for getting things to those who want them Marketing ebooks is difficult, but distribution is easy.
dust tiny particles in the air or on surfaces All the furniture in the empty house was covered in dust.