Uncountable Nouns G-H

G-H definition example sentence
garbage things that you throw away Did you remember to take out the garbage?
garlic a vegetable similar to an onion People say garlic makes breath smell bad, but I can't smell it.
gas a household fuel for heating and cooking We didn't used that much gas last month, did we?
genetics the study of genes and heredity People who breed animals usually know a lot about genetics.
glass the material windows and bottles are made of Bottles made of glass are better for recycling than plastic ones.
gold a precious metal (symbol Au) European invaders stole a lot of gold from South America.
golf a game played with clubs and small white balls Why don't we have a game of golf on Sunday afternoon?
gossip the sharing of stories about other people's private lives I can't believe how much gossip I heard at Doreen's dinner party.
grammar the rules of a language We need activities that make learning grammar more interesting.
grass a plant that's grown to cover ground in parks and gardens The grass in the back yard's getting too long, so I'd better cut it.
gratitude the feeling of being thankful Ricardo expressed his gratitude to all those who'd helped him.
grief a feeling of great sadness Maria was overcome with grief when her sister died.
ground the surface of the earth We lay with our backs on the ground and looked at the stars.
guilt a feeling of shame for doing something wrong Do politicians feel any guilt when they start a war to boost their popularity?
gymnastics a sport involving physical exercises I really enjoyed watching the gymnastics at the Olympics.
hair the thin strands that grow on your head Harry's hair was long and blond when he was a teenager, but now it's short and gray.
happiness the feeling of being joyful or happy They enjoyed many years of happiness together.
hardware the solid parts of a computer system Your hardware is fine, but you need to get some new software.
harm damage or injury Luckily the storm didn't do any harm to our fruit tress.
hate strong dislike of someone or something Their eyes were full of hate as they beat and kicked their victim.
hatred strong dislike of someone or something Why do they feel so much hatred towards gay people?
health the state of your body and mind His health improved a lot after he started exercising.
heat high temperature The heat from the fire kept us warm all night.
height how tall something or someone is My brother and I are around the same height.
help assistance given to someone in need How much help did you get with your homework?
homework schoolwork done at home I did all my homework myself!
honesty the quality of being honest, or of telling the truth Are you speaking with complete honesty about this?
honey a sweet food found in beehives Would you like some honey on your toast?
hospitality welcoming behaviour towards visitors We were amazed by the hospitality of the people in the village.
housework cleaning, washing and cooking done at home Does your husband do much of the housework?
humour the quality that makes something funny Even though it was a serious movie, it had moments of humour.
hunger the feeling you get when your body needs food By 2 o'clock in the afternoon, I was feeling pangs of hunger.
hydrogen a gas that can't be seen or smelled (symbol H) Hydrogen and oxygen combine to form water.