Uncountable Nouns I-J

I-J definition example sentence
ice frozen water Would you like some ice in your drink?
ice cream a frozen dessert food If I eat too much ice cream, I start to put on weight.
importance the degree to which something is important The research shows the importance of regular exercise.
inflation rising prices Inflation has made everything more expensive than before.
information facts about something or someone Do you think the information on this website is accurate?
injustice unfair treatment Nelson Mandela spent most of his life fighting injustice.
innocence the fact of not being guilty of a crime Despite their innocence, many good people were sent to jail.
intelligence the ability to think about complex ideas Do you think IQ tests really measure intelligence?
iron a strong metal (symbol Fe) In ancient Rome, knives and spear tips were made of iron.
irony humour in which someone says the opposite of what they really mean As we stood in the rain, Julie said, with much irony, "Lovely weather, isn't it?"
jam sweet food made from fruit and spread on bread Can I have some strawberry jam on my toast, please?
jealousy a bad feeling experienced if we think someone we love wants someone else If she even looks at another guy, her boyfriend goes crazy with jealousy.

jelly (British)

a dessert made with gelatine Mum made some red jelly for dessert.
jelly (USA) sweet food made from fruit and spread on bread Can I have one of your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?
joy a feeling of great happiness When I held our first baby, tears of joy ran down my cheeks.
judo a martial art that employs throws and holds Did you know that judo is an Olympic sport now?
juice any liquid that's squeezed from fruit Every morning I have a glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice.
justice the fair treatment of people Those boys who were jailed for a crime they didn't commit are still waiting for justice.