Uncountable Nouns K-L

K-L definition example sentence
karate a martial art that employs kicks and punches My brother has a black belt in karate, so don't bully me!
kindness the quality of being kind to other living things If you speak and act with kindness, everyone will like you.
knowledge facts and information known by someone We all need the knowledge and skills that an education provides.
labour work, especially physical work Does this price include the cost of labour?
lack a shortage of something The lack of English-speaking workers is a problem.
land an area of ground How much of this land can be used for farming?
laughter the act or the sound of laughing There's always a lot of laughter in Maria's classes.
lava hot, molten rock Look at all that lava coming down the side of the volcano!
leather animal skin used for making clothes, bags, etc. If you're going to ride a motorbike, wear a leather jacket.
leisure free time, or things you do in your free time Her favourite leisure activities are reading and playing tennis.
lightning flashes of light in the sky during a storm Did you see all the lightning during the storm last night?
linguistics the study of language If you study linguistics, you'll learn all about language and how it works.
literature novels, short stories, poetry, etc. English literature was my favourite subject at school.
litter rubbish dropped in public places People who leave their litter behind are lazy and selfish.
livestock animals that are kept on a farm Are you sure the livestock on this farm is well-treated?
logic reasoned thought Can you explain the logic behind your decision?
loneliness unhappiness caused by being alone She lives by herself, but she doesn't suffer from loneliness.
love a very strong feeling of affection How many different kinds of love can you think of?
luck good fortune Kim never seems to have much luck when she gambles.
luggage bags and suitcases used while travelling Can I leave my luggage here while I go to the bathroom?