Uncountable Nouns M-N

M-N definition example sentence
machinery several machines, esp. large ones We'll have to buy a lot of new machinery for the factory.
magic a mysterious power, or a magician's tricks You don't really believe in the power of magic, do you?
mail letters and parcels sent by post Who collects your mail while you're away?
management the job of running an organisation or business Without good management, a company won't last long.
mankind all the people in the world He says mankind's biggest challenge is global warming.
marble a type of stone used for building Is this floor really made of Italian marble?
mathematics the study of numbers and shapes If you want to be an engineer, you'll have to study mathematics.
mayonnaise a thick white sauce eaten with salads Do you want some mayonnaise on your salad sandwich?
measles a type of disease His body was covered in red spots, so we thought he had measles.
meat animal or bird flesh eaten as food Did you buy this meat from our local butcher?
metal a hard substance, like iron or gold Bicycle frames are usually made of light-weight metal.
methane a colourless gas that's used as a fuel Is it possible to run a car on methane?
milk the liquid that baby mammals get from their mothers How many litres of milk do you drink every day?
money what you earn from work, and then spend or save I'm trying to save enough money to buy a car.
mud soft, wet earth I fell over and got mud all over my clothes.
music organised sound made for enjoyment What sort of music do you like?
nature all living things and the habitats that sustain them The beauty of nature has inspired many artists and poets.
news information about recent events My dad watches the news on TV every night.
nitrogen one of the gases in our atmosphere (symbol N) Did you know that you can't see or smell nitrogen?
nonsense anything that isn't true or sensible You don't believe all that nonsense about ghosts, do you?
nurture the care given to a growing person or animal Parents are responsible for the nurture of their young.
nutrition food the body needs for health If we eat for nutrition instead of taste, we'll all be healthier.