Uncountable Nouns O-P

O-P definition example sentence
obedience doing what someone tells you to do Military commanders expect obedience from their troops.
obesity the condition of being too fat Diseases caused by obesity kill millions of people every year.
oil a dark liquid from under the ground Saudi Arabia makes a lot of money from selling oil.
oxygen a chemical element in air and water (symbol O) When you breathe in, your body gets oxygen from the air.
paper material used for writing on or wrapping How many sheets of paper do you need?
passion a very strong feeling People on both sides of the debate spoke with passion.
pasta an Italian food made from flour and water Spaghetti, ravioli and lasagna are different types of pasta.
patience the ability to wait without getting angry or upset After waiting an hour to see a doctor, I ran out of patience and left.
permission the right to do something you can't normally do You'll need permission from the boss if you want to leave early.
physics the scientific study of matter and energy These new theories in physics are difficult to understand.
poetry literature in the form of poems and verses Have you ever read the poetry of Walt Whitman?
pollution waste products that damage the environment Most air pollution comes from cars and factories.
poverty the state of being very poor Millions of people are still living in poverty.
power the ability to control people or things The police have the power to arrest and charge people.
pride the feeling you have when you, or someone close to you, does something special We watched with pride as our son was awarded his medal.
production the process of making or growing things Rice production has increased this year.
progress improvement or development I hope you're making progress in your English.
pronunciation the sounds made when speaking a language Your pronunciation of English is excellent.
psychology the study of the mind My sister wants to study psychology.
publicity attention given to something in newspapers, TV, etc. The royal wedding got a lot of publicity in the media.
punctuation small marks used when writing, like commas and question marks Good punctuation will make your writing easier to read.