Uncountable Nouns Q-R

Q definition example sentence
quality the standard of something, or how good it is Good quality shoes last longer than shoes of poor quality.
quantity the amount of something, or the number of things The police found a large quantity of stolen goods in the house.
quartz a very hard rock Quartz is often used in high-quality watches and clocks.
racism the belief that some races of people are better than others Racism is still a problem in many parts of the world.
rain water that falls from clouds in the sky All the farmers in our village are praying for rain.
recreation the things you do for fun or pleasure Our students want less homework and more time for recreation.
relaxation a state of rest or low stress Meditation is one of the best techniques for relaxation.
reliability the quality of being unlikely to fail The main selling points for this car are its safety and reliability.
research work done to find or discover knowledge Before writing his book, he put a lot of time into research.
respect admiration for someone Children in Asia have a lot of respect for their teachers.
revenge acts done to punish someone who has hurt you The kids got together and planned their revenge on the bully.
rice a type of grain How much rice do you think we need to cook for the stir-fry?
room the space needed for something Do you think there's enough room for a piano in here?
rubbish things you don't need and throw away Put any rubbish in that bin over there.
rum a type of alcoholic drink Pirates like Blackbeard loved to drink rum.