2 plus 2 still equals 4

Uncountable Nouns T-V

T definition example sentence
tea a drink made by adding boiling water to dried plant parts Would you like a cup of peppermint tea?
tennis game played on a court with racquets and balls My grandma is too old for tennis, but she still plays golf.
thirst the feeling you get when your body needs water No matter how bad your thirst gets, don't drink sea water!
thunder a loud sound heard during a storm There was a flash of lightning, and then a crack of thunder.
timber wood for building and for making furniture The frame is made of timber, but the walls are made of brick.
time duration as measured by clocks How much time do you spend at your computer every day?
toast slices of bread that have been cooked in a toaster Would you prefer jam or honey on your toast?
tolerance the ability to accept beliefs and behaviour that differ from our own Parents and teachers should encourage tolerance among children.
trade the buying and selling of goods and services How much is our trade with African countries worth?
traffic all the cars and other vehicles using a road The traffic on Main Street is always bad in the morning.
transportation the moving of goods and people from place to place Don't forget the cost of transportation from the airport.
travel going to other places, esp. distant places How much travel will the job require?
trust the belief that someone is honest A company that betrays a customer's trust won't last long.
U definition example sentence
understanding knowledge about something or someone The classes will improve your understanding of grammar.
underwear clothing worn under other clothes Don't forget to take plenty of underwear on the trip.
unemployment the lack of paid work Unemployment is a serious problem in many countries.
unity the state of forming one unit College initiation rituals are meant to create unity in the group.
usage how, or how much, something is used Internet usage in China has increased a lot this year.
V definition example sentence
validity the state of being acceptable, legally or logically The officials checked the validity of everyone's passport.
veal meat from a calf After petting a young calf, my son said he wouldn't eat veal any more.
vegetation plants and trees Elephants can eat many different kinds of vegetation.
vegetarianism the practice of only eating plant-based foods My doctor explained all the health benefits of vegetarianism.
vengeance the act of punishing somebody who has hurt you These two families have been carrying out acts of vengeance on each other for fifty years.
violence actions meant to hurt or kill Both families want to end the violence, but they don't know how to.
vision the ability to see The injury to his eye limited his vision.
vitality energy and enthusiasm In their performance, all the dancers showed great vitality.

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