North, South, East and West Quiz

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests vocabulary on the North, South, East and West page.

1. The Earth rotates on a ________ axis.

a) north-east b) north-west c) north-south

2. Southern elephant seals live ________ here.

south of
South of
a) south of b) South of c) southern

3. "We live on the south-east coast." In this sentence south-east is

a noun
an adjective
an adverb
a) a noun b) an adjective c) an adverb

4. North, south, east and west are often referred to as the ________ points of the compass.

a) cardinal b) intercardinal c) secondary

5. The direction north-east is ________ point of the compass.

a tertiary
a cardinal
an intercardinal
a) a tertiary b) a cardinal c) an intercardinal

6. Europe is ________ of Africa.

to the south
in the north
a) to the south b) in the north c) north

7. The grocery store faces ________ and gets a lot of sunlight.

in the south
in the north
a) south-east b) in the south c) in the north

8. The weather report says the wind was ________ all night.

coming from the east
coming the east
facing east
a) coming from the east b) coming the east c) facing east

9. The sun rises in the _____ and moves across the sky.

a) north b) west c) east

10. Moscow is ________ of Russia.

in the east
in the west
to the west
a) in the east b) in the west c) to the west

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