Onomatopoeic Words: Food and Drink

Onomatopoeia is everywhere, even in the food we eat! And thanks to the words mimicking sounds we hear when eating, drinking, and preparing food, we can honestly say there's really no such thing as an onomatopeia-free diet!

(of liquids) make a hissing sound when producing bubbles of gas
verb: The beer was still fizzing when I took my first sip.
noun: I hadn’t put the lid back on properly and the lemonade had lost its fizz.
adjective: I try and avoid fizzy drinks these days as they’re full of sugar.

(of liquids, stews, etc.) make a sound when heated, forming balls of gas and air
verb: As the stew bubbled away on the stove, I started to set the table.
noun: The bubbles burst quickly, spraying my face with the scalding liquid.
See also: Gasses

(of liquids) make a gurgling sound when poured
verb: The wine glugged out of the bottle into my crystal glass.
noun: I poured a glug of gin into the glass and drank it straight away.

(of a person) make a noise when chewing vigorously
verb: Alice chomped on her hot dog as we waited for the game to start.
noun: His loud chomps distracted me as I tried to read my paper.
See also: Humans

(of a hard food) make a loud crushing sound when being eaten or broken
verb: Must you crunch your cereal like that? I’m trying to listen to the news.
noun: He bit into the apple with a loud crunch.
adjective: After being dipped in my tea, the biscuit was no longer crunchy.
See also: Humans

(of a person) make a sound when eating steadily and loudly
verb: Peter munched his biscuits whilst I helped him with his homework.
noun: We had a munch on some crackers while waiting for the show to start.
See also: Humans

(of heavy foods) make a sound when dropping into liquid without a splash
verb: I plopped some ice cubes into the drink, then served it with a straw.
noun: The berry landed in the cereal bowl with a loud plop.
See also: Gasses

(of biscuits, crackers) make a quick, sharp, crackling sound when broken
verb: There was only one biscuit left, so I snapped it in half and shared it with him.
noun: There was a loud snap as he broke the biscuit in half.
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(of food) make a noise when being cooked in hot fat
verb: The eggs started to spit when I cracked them in the hot oil.
noun: I could see hear the spit of the oil as I stood turning over the eggs.
See also: Humans

(of biscuits etc) make a quick, sharp, cracking sound when broken in half
verb: The biscuit snapped as I tried to spread it with butter.
noun: There was a loud snap as he broke the biscuit in half.
See also: Animals, Humans, Food