Onomatopoeic Words: Objects and Machines

From the ping of the microwave to the buzz of the doorbell, the sounds made by the objects and machines we use are a part of modern life that we’re all accustomed to, and yes, thanks to onomatopoeia, there's a word for them!

(of a tight spring) make a reverberating sound
verb: The mattress was boinging as the children jumped on the bed.
noun: The fat man landed on the trampoline with a loud boing.
exclamation: It sprung out of the box and hit him, Boing! in the face.

(of a machine) make a low continuous, humming sound
verb: Her phone was buzzing non-stop.
noun: The buzz of the doorbell told me that that the guests had arrived.
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(of a vehicle, usually a boat) move slowly while making regular, muffled engine sounds
verb: We waved at the boat as it chugged away down river.
noun: I could hear the chug of his old boat as it slowly approached the dock.

(of a switch or keyboard) make the short, sharp sound of two objects coming together
verb: Arthur was clicking away on the keyboard, trying to finish his work.
noun: I heard the click of the key in the lock and realised he was home.

(of a car horn) make a low, harsh sound
verb: The cars honked their horns, waiting for the van to move.
noun: The silence was broken by the loud honk of his horn.
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(of a machine) make a steady continuous sound
verb: The generator hummed in the background as I tried to do my work.
noun: The gentle hum of the fridge told me the power was back on.
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(of metal objects) make a light ringing sound when shaken together
verb: The coins jingled in my pocket as I ran down the road.
noun: The jingle of keys in his hands told me Gary was approaching.
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(of a microwave or timer) make a short, high-pitched ringing sound
verb: As soon as the microwave pinged, I opened the door and took out the pasta.
noun: The ping of the timer in the kitchen told me that my eggs were now ready to eat.

(of a bell or telephone) make a clear resonant sound
verb: On the morning of the wedding, the bells were ringing loudly.
noun: I was woken by the ring of the doorbell.
adjective: After listening to the loud music, there was a ringing sound in my ears.

(of a door or gate needing oil) make a high-pitched crying sound
verb: The old door squeaked when I opened it.
noun: You could try some oil to stop that squeak from the hinges.
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whizz, whiz
(of a vehicle) make a hissing sound when moving swiftly through the air
verb: The train whizzed past, nearly knocking me off my feet.
noun: We took a quick whiz around the docks and drove off pronto.