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Phrasal Verbs Quiz

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. Would you a) look b) look after c) look up my dog for me this weekend?
2. My neighbour a) ran b) ran out of c) ran into eggs yesterday.
3. John a) broke b) broke down c) broke off his leg at the baseball game.
4. Our boss a) put b) put off c) put down our meeting until next week.
5. Could you a) turn b) turn off c) turn around the music while I'm on the phone.
6. I don't a) get up b) get on with c) get over my new science teacher.
7. We both a) look b) look up c) look forward to meeting your new girlfriend.
8. My car a) broke down b) broke off c) broke away on the highway today.
9. It will be easier to read if you a) switch b) switch on c) switch over the lights.
10. I have to a) run away b) run out of c) run to the finish line and back.

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