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Phrasal Verbs Vocabulary Quiz

You can do this vocabulary quiz online or print it on paper. Itโ€™s based on our Phrasal Verbs List.

1. Would you _______ my dog for me this weekend?

look after
look up
a) look b) look after c) look up

2. My neighbour _______ eggs yesterday.

ran out of
ran into
a) ran b) ran out of c) ran into

3. John _______ his leg at the baseball game.

broke down
broke off
a) broke b) broke down c) broke off

4. Our boss _______ our meeting until next week.

put off
put down
a) put b) put off c) put down

5. Could you _______ the music while I'm on the phone?

turn off
turn around
a) turn b) turn off c) turn around

6. I don't _______ my new science teacher.

get up
get over
get on with
a) get up b) get over c) get on with

7. We both _______ meeting your new girlfriend.

look up
look forward to
a) look b) look up c) look forward to

8. My car _______ on the highway today.

broke down
broke off
broke away
a) broke down b) broke off c) broke away

9. It will be easier to read if you _______ the lights.

switch on
switch over
a) switch b) switch on c) switch over

10. I have to _______ to the finish line and back.

run away
run out of
a) run away b) run out of c) run

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