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Prepositions of Place Quiz

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. Sign your name a) after b) below c) on the dotted line.
2. My cat is sleeping a) over b) in c) below the bridge.
3. I want to sit a) around b) beside c) at you at the theatre.
4. Grandma is reading a) at b) on c) in the backyard.
5. Your glasses are right a) in front of b) on top of c) in behind you.
6. You can pick up your keys a) in b) on c) at the front desk.
7. Let's meet a) in b) at c) below the front door
8. The helicopter is a) above b) beside c) to your house.
9. I told you to park a) on top of b) at c) behind my car.
10. Please stay a) behind b) above c) over the police caution tape.