Vocabulary reference

Welcome to EnglishClub's reference of English words and phrases for ESL learners and teachers, many with example sentences, explanations and quizzes

English alphabet
The 26 letters in alphabetical order

English phonetic spelling alphabet
A for Alpha, B for Bravo, C for Charlie. How some police, military and others spell words for maximum clarity

Dictionary or thesaurus?
What's the difference between a dictionary and a thesaurus?

Synonyms and antonyms
What's the difference between a synonym and an antonym?

Confusing words
Do we say bring or take? almost or most? do or make? And other words that confuse people, many with quizzes

What is a metaphor?

Figures of speech
A picture is worth a thousand words. These pages look at the colourful language of simile, metaphor, hyperbole and oxymoron.

Nouns (and a few other words) derived from the names of real or fictitious people
List of Eponyms

Mild or pleasant language used instead of language that is unpleasant or offensive
Euphemism examples

Dysphemisms are the opposite of euphemisms and are usually derogatory or unpleasant terms used in place of neutral ones.
Dysphemism examples

Deliberately ambiguous or obscure language designed to mislead
Doublespeak examples

Selected English quotations, giving author details, word definitions and contextual notes

English sayings and proverbs, with possible interpretations, word definitions, explanations, origins, quizzes and answers

Conversational phrases
Conversational phrases are expressions that are typically used in speaking, less so in writing.

English slang words and phrases, with definitions, sample sentences, origins, notes, warnings, quizzes and answers

Phrasal verbs
A reference of English phrasal verbs, with definitions, explanations, example sentences, quizzes and answers

Vocabulary lists: handy lists such as common words, phrasal verbs, irregular verbs, uncountable nouns, personality adjectives, adverbs of time, prepositions and interjections

Common English idioms in categories, with meanings, example sentences and quizzes.

Idioms list
Hundreds more idioms with definitions, explanations, sample sentences, quizzes and answers
Collocations are words that go together, like fast food or vaguely remember. These pages explain collocations and give examples of common collocations, as well as a collocations quiz and more advanced collocations.

Collocations list
Over one thousand collocations with many example sentences, notes and quizzes

Power of 7
A light-hearted look at vocabulary and curiosities in handy chunks of 7

Functional language
Useful expressions for functions like giving advice, apologizing or asking for opinions

British vs American vocabulary
Some of the main differences in terms of words

The language of meauring weight, in British and American English

Male/female vocabulary
Some common male and female equivalent terms for people, occupations and family members

Military ranks
Equivalent military ranks in British and US armies, navies and air forces

Foreign words in English
Foreign words in English, including common Latin and French phrases and abbreviations