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Badminton Comprehension Quiz

This quiz will test your understanding of the text that you read on the badminton reading page.

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. British officers brought a game like badminton back from:
a) China b) India c) Greece
2. The word "badminton" was originally the name of:
a) an Indian bird b) a British officer c) an English house
3. The world's first major badminton competition was held in England in:
a) 1863 b) 1899 c) 1903
4. At its centre, a badminton net is:
a) 5ft high b) 6ft high c) 7ft high
5. The game begins with an:
a) underhand serve b) overhead serve c) backhand serve
6. Hitting the shuttlecock into the net is a:
a) net shot b) folly c) fault
7. To win, the margin in the score must be at least:
a) one point b) two points c) three points
8. Before 1986, players could only win a point if they had:
a) served b) received c) aced
9. Badminton was first introduced at the:
a) Sydney Olympics b) Seoul Olympics c) Barcelona Olympics
10. Fu Haifeng's 2005 speed record for hitting the shuttlecock was:
a) 233 km/h b) 332 km/h c) 356 km/h

Contributor: Matt Errey