Baseball Comprehension Quiz

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests reading comprehension of the Baseball page.

1. Baseball first became a professional sport in

the USA
a) Cuba b) Ireland c) the USA

2. The National Association of Baseball Players was established in

a) 1835 b) 1857 c) 1879

3. In 1903, a competition to find the best baseball team in North America began called the

World Series
American Series
American Cup
a) World Series b) American Series c) American Cup

4. A baseball game is usually played by two teams of

nine players
ten players
eleven players
a) nine players b) ten players c) eleven players

5. A pitcher normally tries to pitch the ball into the

home plate
strike zone
a) bunker b) home plate c) strike zone

6. A batter is out if the umpire calls

one strike
two strikes
three strikes
a) one strike b) two strikes c) three strikes

7. A baseball diamond has

one base
three bases
four bases
a) one base b) three bases c) four bases

8. In professional baseball, bats must be made of

wood or aluminium
a) wood b) aluminium c) wood or aluminium

9. A batter "walks" if the pitcher throws _____ balls outside the strike zone.

a) three b) four c) five

10. A game of baseball is usually played over

one inning
nine innings
eleven innings
a) one inning b) nine innings c) eleven innings

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