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Baseball Vocabulary Quiz

This quiz will test your knowledge of the vocabulary that you learned on the baseball reading page.

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. A pitch must be thrown from the pitcher's:
a) line b) base c) mound
2. The player whose position is behind home plate is called the:
a) catcher b) shortstop c) umpire
3. A gentle shot played without swinging the bat is called a:
a) fly ball b) drop ball c) bunt
4. A hit that goes high into the air is a:
a) high ball b) foul ball c) fly ball
5. The area between the foul lines is called:
a) fair territory b) foul territory c) free territory
6. A ball hit outside the foul lines is a:
a) foul ball b) fair ball c) line ball
7. Before a grand slam can be played, the bases must be:
a) full b) loaded c) empty
8. The fielder between second and third base is called the:
a) slider b) backstop c) shortstop
9. A base runner who runs to the next base while a pitcher is pitching has:
a) stolen a base b) taken a base c) robbed a base
10. A pitch that is outside the strike zone is called a:
a) foul b) strike c) ball

Contributor: Matt Errey