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Basketball Comprehension Quiz

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests reading comprehension of the Basketball page.

1. Basketball was invented by a physical education instructor from

the USA
a) the USA b) Canada c) Russia

2. The game was invented in the

18th century
19th century
20th century
a) 18th century b) 19th century c) 20th century

3. At first, players threw the ball into a

laundry basket
bread basket
peach basket
a) laundry basket b) bread basket c) peach basket

4. The National Basketball Association (NBA) was set up in the

a) 1890s b) 1920s c) 1940s

5. The semi-circle at each end of the court is the

3-point line
free throw line
side line
a) 3-point line b) free throw line c) side line

6. The basket's rim must be at a height of

ten feet
eleven feet
nine feet
a) ten feet b) eleven feet c) nine feet

7. Michael Jordan played most of his basketball for the

LA Lakers
Houston Rockets
Chicago Bulls
a) LA Lakers b) Houston Rockets c) Chicago Bulls

8. One of the tallest NBA players was Yao Ming who was born in

a) China b) Japan c) Korea

9. A goal scored by shooting from inside the 3-point line earns

one point
two points
three points
a) one point b) two points c) three points

10. The floor of most indoor courts is made of

a) concrete b) rubber c) wood

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