Boxing Comprehension Quiz

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests reading comprehension of the Boxing page.

1. Carvings show fist-fighting 5,000 years ago in ancient

a) Egypt b) Greece c) Sumeria

2. In bare-knuckled boxing, fighters didn't wear

a) shorts b) gloves c) boots

3. The London Prize Ring rules were introduced in

a) 1743 b) 1867 c) 1908

4. At the Olympic Games we can watch

amateur boxing
professional boxing
kick boxing
a) amateur boxing b) professional boxing c) kick boxing

5. In professional boxing, one round usually lasts for

two minutes
three minutes
four minutes
a) two minutes b) three minutes c) four minutes

6. If all the judges agree on the winner, it's a

clear decision
split decision
unanimous decision
a) clear decision b) split decision c) unanimous decision

7. A rising punch thrown with the rear hand is

a jab
a hook
an uppercut
a) a jab b) a hook c) an uppercut

8. Evading punches by bending the legs and lowering the head is called

a) bobbing b) weaving c) swaying

9. Muhammad Ali was the World Heavyweight Champion

three times
four times
five times
a) three times b) four times c) five times

10. Muhammad Ali said that he floats like a butterfly and stings like

an ant
a bee
a mosquito
a) an ant b) a bee c) a mosquito

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