Figure Skating Vocabulary Quiz

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests vocabulary on the Figure Skating page.

1. In figure skating, a "combination" is a series of

a) components b) elements c) programs

2. A figure skating performance is called

a sequence
a program
a discipline
a) a sequence b) a program c) a discipline

3. Jumps, spins and lifts are called

a) programs b) combinations c) elements

4. A small jump is called

a hop
a skip
a lift
a) a hop b) a skip c) a lift

5. A series of steps and turns is called a

step sequence
step combo
step series
a) step sequence b) step combo c) step series

6. A move in which one skater is lifted by another is a

a) hold b) raise c) lift

7. The discipline in which several skaters perform together is called

ice dancing
synchronized skating
pair skating
a) ice dancing b) synchronized skating c) pair skating

8. The first program a skater performs is called a

start program
short program
long program
a) start program b) short program c) long program

9. An element in which skaters rotate repeatedly is called

a rotation
a spiral
a spin
a) a rotation b) a spiral c) a spin

10. Movements that must be included in a program are called

required elements
step sequences
dance steps
a) required elements b) step sequences c) dance steps

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