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Football Comprehension Quiz

This quiz will test your understanding of the text that you read on the football reading page.

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. In the old Chinese game cuju, the ball was made of:
a) rubber b) plastic c) leather
2. The Football Association was set up in England in:
a) 1845 b) 1863 c) 1896
3. The World Cup is run by:
a) FIFA b) IFAB c) IOC
4. How many players does each team normally have on the pitch during a game?
a) nine b) ten c) eleven
5. Each half of a game lasts for:
a) 30 minutes b) 45 minutes c) 90 minutes
6. A player is sent off if they get a:
a) red card b) yellow card c) black card
7. The only player who can catch the ball is the:
a) referee b) striker c) goalkeeper
8. During a game, how many players are teams normally allowed to substitute?
a) two b) three c) four
9. Pele shared the FIFA Player of the Century award with:
a) Maradona b) Ronaldo c) Beckham
10. Diego Maradona was born in:
a) Brazil b) Mexico c) Argentina

Contributor: Matt Errey