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Football Vocabulary Quiz

This quiz will test your knowledge of the vocabulary that you learned on the football reading page.

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. A player whose job is to stop attackers from scoring is a:
a) defender b) striker c) forward
2. Neither team scored, so the game ended in a:
a) penalty b) draw c) shootout
3. Tripping, pushing and diving are:
a) penalties b) free kicks c) fouls
4. Chelsea and Liverpool are teams in the English Premiership:
a) League b) Champions c) Table
5. A player throws the ball if an opponent kicks the ball over the:
a) goal line b) touchline c) boundary
6. If a game ends in a draw, it can go into extra:
a) play b) half c) time
7. If a player commits a foul in the penalty area, the referee awards a penalty:
a) goal b) kick c) spot
8. What can each team do with up to three players during a game?
a) defend them b) tackle them c) substitute them
9. The assistant referee signals when he sees a player in an:
a) outside position b) offside position c) inside position
10. A player whose role is to score goals is called a:
a) striker b) goalie c) shooter

Contributor: Matt Errey