2018 FIFA World Cup Quiz

Tests comprehension and vocabulary from EnglishClub's page on the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. You can do this quiz online or print it on paper.

1. In which year did Spain win its first FIFA World Cup?

a) 2006 b) 2010 c) 2014

2. The Russians were cleared of accusations of _______ made by the English Football Association.

a) bidding b) voting c) bribery

3. How many cities will be hosting matches during the 2018 World Cup?

a) ten b) eleven c) twelve

4. Which country didn't have to qualify to compete in the tournament?

the Netherlands
a) Italy b) the Netherlands c) Russia

5. The 2018 FIFA World Cup mascot Zabivaka was chosen by _______ .

the general public
Ekaterina Bocharova
a FIFA-appointed committee
a) the general public b) Ekaterina Bocharova c) a FIFA-appointed committee

6. If a stadium has been renovated, it has been _______ .

completely rebuilt
a) repaired b) replaced c) completely rebuilt

7. The phrase members of the general public means _______ people.

rich or upper-class
poor or lower-class
a) rich or upper-class b) ordinary c) poor or lower-class

8. In which place does a runner-up finish in a race or competition?

first place
second place
third place
a) first place b) second place c) third place

9. Teams that win a World Cup semi-final match progress to

the World Cup Final
a World Cup tournament
a qualifying tournament
a) the World Cup Final b) a World Cup tournament c) a qualifying tournament

10. Sporting events like the FIFA World Cup are unifying if they remind us that we're all part of

separate countries
different races
one world
a) separate countries b) different races c) one world

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