FIFA World Cup Quiz

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests what you learned on the World Cup Vocabulary page.

1. The last or deciding match in a tournament is called

the final
the finals
a finalist
a) the final b) the finals c) a finalist

2. The first FIFA World Cup tournament was held in

a) 1928 b) 1929 c) 1930

3. If a team's been eliminated, it's ________ the tournament.

still in
no longer in
a) winning b) still in c) no longer in

4. How many teams in the first World Cup were from North or South America?

a) four b) nine c) thirteen

5. If teams aren't knocked out after losing a game, they must be in

the group stage
the knockout stage
the winning stage
a) the group stage b) the knockout stage c) the winning stage

6. If excitement reaches "fever pitch", the crowd is

on the pitch
very excited
sick with excitement
a) on the pitch b) very excited c) sick with excitement

7. The only team that doesn't have to qualify for the World Cup is the

host country's team
highest-ranked team
current World Champion
a) host country's team b) highest-ranked team c) current World Champion

8. The proper term for a team that loses a final is

the loser team
the runner-up
the semi-finalist
a) the loser team b) the runner-up c) the semi-finalist

9. How many teams can proceed to the knockout stage?

a) eight b) sixteen c) twenty-four

10. The round in which four teams compete for places in the final is

the final round
the quarter-finals
the semi-finals
a) the final round b) the quarter-finals c) the semi-finals

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