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Golf Vocabulary Quiz

This quiz will test your knowledge of the vocabulary that you learned on the golf reading page.

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. If a right-handed player "slices" the ball, it curves to the:
a) left b) right c) back
2. The person who carries a player's clubs is called a:
a) buggy b) bogey c) caddie
3. A score of one under par on a hole is called:
a) an eagle b) an albatross c) a birdie
4. A hazard containing sand is called a:
a) bunker b) tee box c) sand iron
5. The club for hitting the ball along the ground on the greens is:
a) a driver b) a putter c) an iron
6. A shot by a right-handed player that curves to the left is a:
a) hook b) slice c) chip
7. A double bogey is a score of:
a) one over par b) two over par c) three over par
8. A short shot that lands on the green is a:
a) drive b) chip c) putt
9. A hole with a fairway that curves to the left or the right is called a:
a) bogey hole b) blind shot c) dog leg
10. Players should pick up and replace their:
a) caddies b) bogeys c) divots

Contributor: Matt Errey