Gymnastics Comprehension Quiz

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests reading comprehension of the Gymnastics page.

1. Gymnastics tests strength, balance and the ability to perform

aerobics routines
acrobatic movements
athletic dances
a) aerobics routines b) acrobatic movements c) athletic dances

2. Gymnastics originated as part of military training in ancient

a) Egypt b) Greece c) Rome

3. Female gymnasts weren't allowed to compete in the Olympic Games until

a) 1896 b) 1920 c) 1928

4. The Olympic Games has competitions for rhythmic gymnastics, artistic gymnastics and

floor exercise
athletic gymnastics
a) floor exercise b) athletic gymnastics c) trampolining

5. Men and boys do not compete in Olympic events for

rhythmic gymnastics
artistic gymnastics
floor exercises
a) rhythmic gymnastics b) artistic gymnastics c) floor exercises

6. Women and girls do not compete in Olympic events for

uneven bars
parallel bars
balance beam
a) uneven bars b) parallel bars c) balance beam

7. In which event would you NOT see a spectacular dismount?

floor exercise
horizontal bar
a) floor exercise b) horizontal bar c) rings

8. Competitors are judged for leaps, balances, spins and apparatus handling in

artistic gymnastics
rhythmic gymnastics
a) trampolining b) artistic gymnastics c) rhythmic gymnastics

9. Floor exercise events are held on a 12m x 12m square

a) mat b) stage c) beam

10. Physical education for boys in Europe included gymnastics by the

18th century
19th century
20th century
a) 18th century b) 19th century c) 20th century

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