Hockey Comprehension Quiz

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests reading comprehension of the Hockey page.

1. In all the different forms of hockey

a ball is hit
sticks are used
shoes are worn
a) a ball is hit b) sticks are used c) shoes are worn

2. The only form of hockey played in the Summer Olympic Games is

ice hockey
unicycle hockey
field hockey
a) ice hockey b) unicycle hockey c) field hockey

3. In the 19th century, hockey was introduced to many countries by

British soldiers
Scottish tourists
Irish priests
a) British soldiers b) Scottish tourists c) Irish priests

4. Hockey is the national game of

South Africa
a) South Africa b) Russia c) India

5. During play, each team can field

ten players
eleven players
twelve players
a) ten players b) eleven players c) twelve players

6. A field goal has to be scored from inside the

goal net
25-yard line
shooting circle
a) goal net b) 25-yard line c) shooting circle

7. Which side of the stick do players hit the ball with?

flat side
round side
hard side
a) flat side b) round side c) hard side

8. A penalty stroke is taken from

beside the goal
behind the goal
before the goal
a) beside the goal b) behind the goal c) before the goal

9. A game of hockey usually lasts

sixty minutes
seventy minutes
ninety minutes
a) sixty minutes b) seventy minutes c) ninety minutes

10. The Hockey World Cup is held every

two years
four years
a) year b) two years c) four years

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