Ice Hockey Comprehension Quiz

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests reading comprehension of the Ice Hockey page.

1. Ice hockey is played at the

Summer Olympics
Winter Olympics
Skating Olympics
a) Summer Olympics b) Winter Olympics c) Skating Olympics

2. Men's ice hockey is a

non-contact sport
heavy-contact sport
full-contact sport
a) non-contact sport b) heavy-contact sport c) full-contact sport

3. The IIHF governs ice hockey in

the USA
the rest of the world
a) Canada b) the USA c) the rest of the world

4. The first ice hockey sticks were made by

Indigenous Canadians
Russian traders
European settlers
a) Indigenous Canadians b) Russian traders c) European settlers

5. Women's ice hockey was first played at the Winter Olympics in

a) 1998 b) 1920 c) 1910

6. Which is a piece of protective equipment?

a puck
a face shield
a hockey stick
a) a puck b) a face shield c) a hockey stick

7. How many players are on the ice when a game starts?

a) six b) twelve c) eighteen

8. Players are NOT allowed to

pass the puck
control the puck
throw the puck
a) pass the puck b) control the puck c) throw the puck

9. What happens after an offside violation is called?

a face-off
an icing
a penalty shot
a) a face-off b) an icing c) a penalty shot

10. Which is the most serious penalty?

a minor penalty
a match penalty
a major penalty
a) a minor penalty b) a match penalty c) a major penalty

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