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2016 Rio Olympics Quiz

This quiz tests vocabulary and knowledge you can find on the 2016 Rio Olympics page. You can do this quiz online or print it on paper.
1. How many times had the Olympics been held in South America before 2016?
a) once b) twice c) never
2. Vinicius is the official Rio Olympics
a) motto b) mascot c) logo
3. Where are the opening and closing ceremonies being held?
a) João Havelange Olympic Stadium b) Maracanã Stadium
c) Maracanãzinho Arena
4. Which are being included for the first time in many decades?
a) rugby and golf b) golf and BMX bike c) rugby and cricket
5. The beach volleyball tournament is being held at
a) Fort Copacabana b) The Copacabana Club
c) Copacabana Beach
6. Athletes in the fencing events are very good at
a) using swords b) riding horses c) jumping fences
7. What will be lit with a flame during the opening ceremony?
a) the Olympic torch b) the Olympic cauldron
c) the Olympic mascot
8. Which is one of the venues for the Rio Olympics?
a) the Olympic Village b) the Olympic Parade
c) the Olympic Golf Course
9. The equestrian tournament includes many different
a) events b) venues c) arenas
10. Which athletes compete in a velodrome?
a) swimmers b) cyclists c) gymnasts

Contributor: Matt Errey creator of Word Up