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Olympics Vocabulary Quiz

This quiz will test your knowledge of the vocabulary that you learned on the Olympics reading pages.

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. Every four years the Olympic Games are:
a) put b) made c) held
2. The IOC is the International Olympics:
a) Competition b) Committee c) Comintern
3. This is where the next Winter Olympics will take:
a) place b) over c) up
4. Athletes are sent to:
a) symbolize their country b) support their country c) represent their country
5. A newly-built venue will house the swimming:
a) games b) competitors c) events
6. Medals are presented during the awards:
a) parades b) ceremonies c) celebrations
7. The events are watched by thousands of:
a) sponsors b) referees c) spectators
8. In events like diving and gymnastics, judges give each performance a:
a) point b) score c) cheer
9. The Olympics are often called a celebration of the human:
a) spirit b) being c) ideal
10. Athletes try to perform to the best of their:
a) desire b) spirit c) ability

Contributor: Matt Errey