Olympics Vocabulary Quiz

This quiz will test your knowledge of the vocabulary that you learned on the Olympics reading pages.
1. Every four years the Olympic Games are:
a) put b) made c) held
2. The IOC is the International Olympics:
a) Competition b) Committee c) Comintern
3. This is where the next Winter Olympics will take:
a) place b) over c) up
4. Athletes are sent to:
a) symbolize their country b) support their country c) represent their country
5. A newly-built venue will house the swimming:
a) games b) competitors c) events
6. Medals are presented during the awards:
a) parades b) ceremonies c) celebrations
7. The events are watched by thousands of:
a) sponsors b) referees c) spectators
8. In events like diving and gymnastics, judges give each performance a:
a) point b) score c) cheer
9. The Olympics are often called a celebration of the human:
a) spirit b) being c) ideal
10. Athletes try to perform to the best of their:
a) desire b) spirit c) ability

Contributor: Matt Errey