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Olympics Quizzes

Olympics Vocabulary Quiz

1 The Olympic Games are every four years.
2 The IOC is the International Olympics .
3 Where did the last Winter Olympics take ?
4 Athletes are sent to their country.
5 The swimming will be held in a newly-built venue.
6 Medals are presented in the awards .
7 The events are watched by thousands of .
8 In events like diving and gymnastics, judges give each performance a .
9 The Olympics are often called a celebration of the human .
10 Athletes try to perform to the best of their .

Olympics Knowledge Quiz

1 The Ancient Olympics started over years ago.
2 The Ancient Olympics were held in .
3 A Roman Emperor banned the Olympic Games in
4 In 1896, the first Modern Olympics were held in .
5 The two competitions are the Summer Olympics and the Olympics.
6 The Summer and Winter Olympics are held in years.
7 The Paralympic Games are held the Olympic Games.
8 An Olympic athlete finishing in third place is awarded a medal.
9 The Olympic Creed expresses the Olympic .
10 The Olympic Creed says the most important thing is .

Researched and written for EnglishClub by Matt Errey

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