Olympic Games Vocabulary

Olympic ringsThese pages look at the language and vocabulary of the Olympic Games past and present, of the ideals that inspired them and of the people that realise them. Vocabulary is presented with example sentences.

The Ancient Olympics

Beginnings in Greece. Find out about the origins of the Olympic Games and its vocabulary.

The Modern Olympics

Olympic Games revived. Learn the vocabulary of the modern Olympics from 1896.

Summer Olympics Vocabulary
Words and vocabulary of the Summer Olympic Games

Summer Paralympics Vocabulary
Language of the Summer Paralympic Games

Winter Olympics Vocabulary
Language and vocabulary of the Winter Olympic Games

Winter Paralympics Vocabulary
Words and language of the Winter Paralympic Games

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Host Cities of the Olympic Games
A look at some the cities where the Summer and Winter Olympic Games have been or will be held

Olympics Vocabulary Quiz
After learning the language of the Olympics on these pages, test your vocabulary with this quiz.

Olympics Comprehension Quiz
After reading about the Olympics on these pages, check your understanding with this quiz.

People of the Olympics
Learn the language and vocabulary around the athletes, trainers, officials and all the others who make the Olympics happen.

Olympic Dreams
What is it that inspires athletes from all over the world to spend years training for the Olympics?

The Olympic Spirit
Learn the vocabulary of the Olympic spirt, and what the Olympics Games are really meant to be about.

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