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Sports General Knowledge Quiz

All information needed to answer these questions can be found on the sports pages.
1. Boxing matches are held in a boxing:
a) square b) ring c) court
2. The Olympic track and field star Carl Lewis was born in:
a) England b) the USA c) Jamaica
3. Which sport did Sir Donald Bradman play?
a) cricket b) gold c) tennis
4. In which sport can you get a birdie, a bogey or a hole-in-one?
a) hockey b) golf c) basketball
5. In baseball, a batter is out if the umpire calls:
a) one strike b) two strikes c) three strikes
6. Michael Jordan spent most of his career playing for the:
a) Chicago Bulls b) San Antonio Spurs c) LA Lakers
7. The person officiating in a game of Association football or soccer is the:
a) referee b) umpire c) judge
8. During a game of field hockey, each team can field
a) nine players b) ten players c) eleven players
9. In tennis, a serve that goes out or doesn't get over the net is called:
a) a fault b) a let c) an ace
10. The game of rugby was named after Rugby School in:
a) England b) Ireland c) Wales

Contributor: Matt Errey