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Sports General Knowledge Quiz

All information needed to answer these questions can be found on the sports pages.

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. Boxing matches are held in a boxing:
a) square b) ring c) court
2. The Olympic track and field star Carl Lewis was born in:
a) England b) the USA c) Jamaica
3. Which sport did Sir Donald Bradman play?
a) cricket b) gold c) tennis
4. In which sport can you get a birdie, a bogey or a hole-in-one?
a) hockey b) golf c) basketball
5. In baseball, a batter is out if the umpire calls:
a) one strike b) two strikes c) three strikes
6. Michael Jordan spent most of his career playing for the:
a) Chicago Bulls b) San Antonio Spurs c) LA Lakers
7. The person officiating in a game of Association football or soccer is the:
a) referee b) umpire c) judge
8. During a game of field hockey, each team can field
a) nine players b) ten players c) eleven players
9. In tennis, a serve that goes out or doesn't get over the net is called:
a) a fault b) a let c) an ace
10. The game of rugby was named after Rugby School in:
a) England b) Ireland c) Wales

Contributor: Matt Errey