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Sports Facts Quiz

All information needed to answer these questions can be found on the sports pages.

1 Boxing matches are held in a boxing .
2 The Olympic track and field star Carl Lewis was born in .
3 Which sport did Sir Donald Bradman play?
4 In which sport can you get a "birdie", a "bogey" or a "hole in one"?
5 In baseball, a batter is out if the umpire calls .
6 Michael Jordan spent most of his career playing for the .
7 The person who officiates in a game of Association football or soccer is called the .
8 During a game of field hockey, each team can field .
9 In tennis, a serve that goes out or doesn't get over the net is called .
10 The game of rugby was named after Rugby School in .
11 If you're playing squash, you'll be holding .
12 Badminton has been an Olympic sport since .

Researched and written for EnglishClub by Matt Errey

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