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Sports Vocab Quiz

All information to answer this quiz can be found on the general Sports Vocabulary page.

1 The person a tennis player serves the ball to is his or her .
2 Golf is played on a golf .
3 Rugby players often have to their opponents.
4 The scores were tied at the end, so the game was a .
5 After winning the tournament, Anna held her over her head.
6 Which of these words is the opposite of “professional”?
7 If a player breaks one of the , the referee should award a penalty.
8 The 400 metre race is one of the most exciting in athletics.
9 Which of these words has a similar meaning to “tactics”?
10 A swimming coach’s job is to his or her athletes.
11 The players were working out in the gym in order to build up their .
12 Do you know how to keep during a badminton match?

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Researched and written for EnglishClub by Matt Errey

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