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Skiing Vocabulary Quiz

This quiz will test your knowledge of the vocabulary that you learned on the skiing reading page.

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. An event in which each person on a team completes part of a race is called a:
a) relay b) teammate c) round up
2. The circular track that skiers use in biathlon is called a:
a) run b) loop c) peak
3. Eye protectors for skiers are called:
a) poles b) gates c) goggles
4. IOC stands for International Olympic:
a) Council b) Committee c) Commission
5. A step on skis is called a:
a) slope b) track c) stride
6. The ski binding holds the ski to the:
a) lift b) boot c) pole
7. Bumps in the snow are called:
a) beams b) moguls c) traps
8. The top of a mountain is the:
a) peak b) peek c) pique
9. A very tight turn is a:
a) sharp turn b) wide turn c) smart turn
10. The set of poles that skiers race through are called:
a) games b) guards c) gates

Contributor: Matt Errey