Squash Comprehension Quiz

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests reading comprehension of the Squash page.

1. The game of squash was invented by schoolboys in

a) England b) Scotland c) France

2. The server must have at least one foot in the

quarter court
back court
service box
a) quarter court b) back court c) service box

3. A serve must hit the front wall between the service line and the

out line
short line
a) board b) out line c) short line

4. All shots in squash must hit the

front wall
a) front wall b) floor c) board

5. In traditional scoring, a point could only be earned by the player who

was hit
a) served b) appealed c) was hit

6. A shot must be hit before the ball bounces

three times
a) once b) twice c) three times

7. The new scoring system is called PAR, or

a) point-a-rule b) point-a-right c) point-a-rally

8. After playing a shot, most players try to move to

the T
the front wall
the left quarter court
a) the T b) the front wall c) the left quarter court

9. In a best-of-five match, the winner is the first to win

two games
three games
five games
a) two games b) three games c) five games

10. During her career, Heather McKay only lost

two matches
seven matches
ten matches
a) two matches b) seven matches c) ten matches

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