Swimming Vocabulary Quiz

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests vocabulary on the Swimming page.

1. The fastest swimming stroke is called freestyle or

Australian style
Australian stroke
Australian crawl
a) Australian style b) Australian stroke c) Australian crawl

2. The "frog kick" is the kicking style used in

a) breaststroke b) backstroke c) butterfly

3. Both arms are rotated forward at the same time in

a) butterfly b) freestyle c) breaststroke

4. The only races that don't begin with swimmers diving into the water are

butterfly races
breaststroke races
backstroke races
a) butterfly races b) breaststroke races c) backstroke races

5. All races except for backstroke begin with swimmers diving from their

diving boards
starting blocks
touch pads
a) diving boards b) starting blocks c) touch pads

6. In races held in a pool, each swimmer must swim in their own

a) section b) lane c) alley

7. The distance from one end of a pool to the other is called a lap or

a width
a length
a depth
a) a width b) a length c) a depth

8. At the end of each lap, swimmers must touch the

touch pad
finger pad
lap pad
a) touch pad b) finger pad c) lap pad

9. Races held in a lake or in the sea are called

outdoor events
marathon events
open water events
a) outdoor events b) marathon events c) open water events

10. An event in which more than one stroke is used is called

a medley
a relay
a triathlon
a) a medley b) a relay c) a triathlon

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