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Suffixes Quiz

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. We add a suffix to the a) start b) middle c) end of a word.
2. Inflectional suffixes never change the a) basic meaning b) plurality c) tense of the original word.
3. The word "accidental" is a) inflected b) corrected c) derived from the word "accident".
4. We use the suffix "-ed" to make a) superlative b) present participle c) regular past tense forms.
5. The word a) teachers b) jealousy c) imaginary has an inflectional suffix.
6. The affix a) -ly b) -ing c) -ful is NOT a common derivational suffix.
7. We often make a) nouns b) adverbs c) verbs with the suffix "-ly".
8. The suffixed word a) gods b) goddess c) demigod is "derived" from the word "god".
9. We can add the suffix a) -ize b) -ate c) -ly to the word "brother" to mean "like a brother".
10. We often use the suffix a) -en b) -er c) -tion to convert a verb into the person performing the action of the verb.