Time Vocabulary

Here are the English words and language that we use to talk about time. At the end there's a fun time vocabulary quiz to check your understanding. On the following pages we look in detail at:

Units of Time
How we divide time into years, months, weeks, days etc

Telling the Time
How we ask and tell the time

Telling the Time Song
Listen to Tick Tock Rock, with subtitles. audio

Day and Night
The parts of the day and how we use them

Days of the Week
Table showing weekdays, weekends, abbreviations

Days of the Week Song
Listen to the days of the week. audio

Months of the Year
Table showing months and seasons

Months of the Year Song
Listen to the months of the year. audio

Writing the Date
Differences between formal/informal, British/American

AD and BC
What do they mean and how do we use them?