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Typical vocabulary used when discussing specific topics or subjects (such as sports, time, weather or computers)

Mini-dictionaries on various subjects with definitions and example sentences

Internet vs WWW

The 7 most popular search-engines

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Illustrated vocabulary
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Our food vocabulary section covers types of food from fruits and vegetables to fish and dairy foods. It also covers cooking, kitchens and kitchenware and dining and dinnerware. You'll also learn about eating out in restaurants and learn special vocabulary for British pubs and for ordering and dining in French, Italian, Mexican, Indian, Chinese and Thai restaurants. And don't miss our section on food and health for tips on living a long and healthy life.

sports vocabSPORTS
Learn general sports vocab as well as special vocab for football, basketball, baseball, tennis, cricket, rugby, golf and many more sports. You can also do fun vocab and sports knowledge quizzes and learn about the Olympic Games and the football World Cup.

Learn basic music vocab and more specialized vocab while reading about pop music, rock, country, soul, dance and rap or hip hop music. You can also read about early popular music genres like the blues and jazz, watch video clips of famous artists, find lists of recommended albums and see a music vocabulary list with lots of example sentences.


You can learn general vocabulary about movies and you can also learn more advanced vocab while reading about action movies, horror movies, comedies, dramas, sci-fi movies, historical dramas and documentaries. You'll also find video clips from many famous movies and lists of recommended movies.

Learn the vocab of time, including how to tell the time, units of time, day and night, days of the week, months of the year and more. You can also listen to some songs about time with subtitles.speaker icon

A light-year is a measure of distance, not time
Superb video demonstration by NASA 🎬

You can explore the vocabulary of numbers, looking at cardinal and ordinal numbers, decimals and fractions, Roman numerals, and listening to a song about numbers.

Holidays and festivals

Vocabulary for some of the world's main religious and cultural festivals 🎈

Holidays calendar
Dates and words for popular holidays and events around the world πŸŽ‰

Christmas vocabulary
Words and expressions for talking about or at Christmas πŸŽ„

Birthday vocabulary
Words and expressions for your birthday 🎁

The world

World vocabulary 🌎
Words for talking about the countries and nationalities of the world

Brexit vocabulary πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
A 2012 word for Britain exiting the EU

North, South, East and West 🧭
The language we use to talk about direction on Earth

Weather vocabulary 🌞
Words for talking about the weather and natural phenomena

Planets vocabulary
The eight planets of our solar system, facts and figures

Planet names
How the planets got their names: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune β€” and the language around them


Floors of a house
ground floor, first floor - British/American

Floors of a building
1st floor, mezzanine - British/American

Rooms in the house song πŸ”ˆ
kitchen, living room, bathroom


Family vocabulary
Words we use to talk about different members of a family
father, mother, brother, daughter...


TV series vocabulary
Words we use when discussing TV series

Top 20 business words
Useful vocabulary in the business context

Survival English
keywords, phrases, questions and answers for beginners

Colours vocabulary
red, orange, yellow...

Shapes vocabulary
square, circle, triangle

Computer vocabulary
backup, cache, DOS...

Paper sizes vocabulary
International ISO sizes; N.American ANSI sizes

Animal vocabulary
With plural, male/female, young, collective terms
lion, lions, lion, lioness, lion cub, a pride

Hobbies vocabulary speaker icon
Words we use to talk about activities we do for fun

Jobs vocabulary speaker icon
Words we use to talk about the work we do for money

Criminals vocabulary
Words we use to talk about the Law, crimes and criminals

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