Verb Vocabulary

Regular Verbs
Formation of regular verbs with -ed: work, worked, worked

Regular Verbs List
List of 600 common regular verbs: add, borrow, continue, want

Irregular Verbs
Formation of irregular verbs: sing, sang, sung; buy, bought, bought

Irregular Verbs List
List of 90 common irregular verbs: blow, forget, understand

200 Phrasal Verbs List
List of 200 common phrasal verbs with example sentences: blow up, get back, look up

1000 Phrasal Verbs Lists with 36 phrasal verb quizzes
Lists of 1000 phrasal verbs with definitions, example sentences, notes and exercises: act as, hand back, open out

Phrasal Verbs Song 🥁
The phrasal verbs in this Rock song all begin with the letter R.

Phrasal Verbs Quiz
Fun multiple-choice quiz to do online or print out for use in class

Test yourself with these fun phrasal verbs quizzes

Play these phrasal verbs games

Nobody has the right to obey.'