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"Weight" tells us how heavy something is (or how much it weighs). There are basically two systems in use in English-speaking countries, as shown below.

Metric weights

The metric system is used in most of Europe and many countries of the world.

sub-units metric unit abbreviation British equivalent
1000 milligrams 1 gram g 0.035 oz
1000 grams 1 kilogram kg 2.21 lb
1000 kilograms 1 tonne t 0.98 tons

British/US weights

The British and US systems are the same except where shown.

  sub-units British/US unit abbreviation metric equivalent
16 drams 1 ounce oz 28.35 g
16 ounces 1 pound lb 0.454 kg
14 pounds 1 stone st 6.35 kg
British 8 stones 1 hundredweight cwt 50.8 kg
20 hundredweight 1 ton t 1,016 kg
US 100 pounds 1 (short) hundredweight cwt 45.36 kg
2000 pounds 1 (short) ton t 907.18 kg

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