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Links to online discussion pages for ESL learners and teachers

Are left-handed people disadvantaged?
What do you think? Discussion for ESL learners and teachers.

Charity begins at home
Should we help the poor in our own country first?

Chat Abbreviations
Learn the abbreviations people use in cyberspace...

Chat Faces
Learn the smileys and emoticons people use in cyberspace... :-)

How to chat "politely"...

Do animals have a sense of humour?
What do you think?

Do you believe that alien life forms exist on other planets?
What do you think? Discussion for ESL learners and teachers.

English Chat Room
English Chat Room

EnglishClub ESL Chat
English chatroom for EFL/ESL students and teachers. Group chats or person-to-person.

ESL Forum
This is where you can make contact in English with people all over the world.

Global differences in skin colour
Discussion for ESL learners and teachers

Hi! Penpal!
World wide free penpal website

Talking Point Discussion: Does it really matter how we treat babies?
Discussion about bringing up babies

Talking Point Discussion: Secrets of Success
Discussion about success in life

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